UK based Artist Sarah Scruton specializes in Paper Art and Illustration. After studying Fine Art at College, Sarah went on to study Costume Design with Textiles at University where she discovered her love for working with Paper.


"When questioning my signature style as an Artist, I found I could solve many of my design problems through the use of paper. Experimenting with this material allows me to create strong structural forms, yet with great elements of delicacy and beauty. I first began with this technique in my final year of University, where my Final Project was based around Paper Manipulation; my intention was to demonstrate how old, everyday materials and objects such as books can be transformed into something beautiful, even when we think they are no longer useful. I found through this project that my ideas could flow freely throughout the pages of the books and have continued to work in this way ever since. My work is mainly based on natural shapes and patterns, as I believe there is so much beauty in the natural world." - Sarah Scruton 

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