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My current project involves working with Acrylic perspex, using the surface as my base to draw on. I first started this project by painting onto pieces of glass to create shadows of my illustration's. I found that glass was too delicate for my designs, therefore I decided to move onto sheets of Acrylic. Whilst I've enjoyed this process, I've found that I miss creating elements of paper art within my work. With this in mind, I am now creating hand cut vinyl decals to place onto Acrylic shapes, this will hopefully still result in creating a shadow image of my illustration's, whilst still having that element of paper art that I was missing previously. Keep up to date with my current project on Instagram



I am currently exploring the similarities between human veins and tree branches/features. By changing the colour of either silhouette, the viewer's perception is quickly changed, for example editing a photograph of a tree canopy to a red hue suddenly becomes more like a close up photograph of human blood vessels.  As my main practise is paper art, I began cutting out silhouettes which represented either veins or trees, from there I have progressed onto using ink and illustrations to enhance the similarities. Using previous work based around the human heart,  I am now working on continuing the link between veins and the human body with trees and their features. 

The start of something new.


If you follow me on social media or know me in person, you'll know I've been struggling with 'creative block' for well over a year now. I lost complete love and inspiration for everything I was doing artistically so everything came to a stand still with my work. Lately, I've been drawing a lot of trees to try get myself back into creating work, I've always drawn them since I was a child but never focused on them as my main work. Where I live and work, I am surrounded by trees and woodland so it's easy to draw straight from life. As I've mentioned before, paper art is my main practise so I decided to combine my illustration's with paper art by cutting away the negative space around them to reveal layers underneath. Below is a small selection of what I've been doing, I hope you like it.

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